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Philippine Institute of Industrial Engineers: Mindanao-Visayas Region

Regulating the IE Profession through Licensure.

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If you want to receive details on the status of the proposed IE Law of 2006, please sign up and provide pertinent contact info to the web page admin. Only milestone achievements will be posted in this site . . !

On-going preliminary discussions with some members of the Philippine Senate and House of Representatives:
  • The Industrial Engineering Law of 2006 (A proposed bill to regulate the practice of Industrial Engineering in the Philippines through IE licensure)
  • Workload Optimization Act of 2006 (A proposed amendment to Art 101 Payment by results, of Presidential Decree No. 442, otherwise known as the Labor Code of the Philippines, as amended)
Commonly asked question: Can IEs legally use the title "Engr." before their names if they have completed their BSIE degrees?
Yes, IEs can. For as long as there is no law or regulation that prohibits IE graduates from using the title, then, they can and may use the "Engr." title before their names.
Unlike any other regulated engineering disciplines, (eg.mechanical, electrical, chemical, etc.), their respective laws (eg. RA9297 "The Chemical Engineering Law") prohibits those who have not successfully passed the board exams from using the title. It is a privilege given to the board passers. Unlawful use of such privilege imposes fines (to a max. amount of P1Mio) and imprisonment of six (6)years, or both, at the discretion of the court.
Hence, since the IE profession in the Philippines is not yet regulated, IE graduates can and may use the "Engr." title before their names. Afterall, they are entitled to all the privileges and rights of the IE profession upon conferment to them of the IE degree on their respective graduation rites.  

Regulating the IE Profession: Licensure vs. Certification
The truth behind the issues of IE regulation. What is the difference between IE Licensure and IE Certification? Know more about this issue. Read attached file.

IE Law 2006 Primer

Proposed IE Twin bills

If you believe in the noble intentions of passing the IE Bill, please send an e-mail message to the webpage moderator. Please provide the following:
  • An express statement of support (eg.. I expressly support the proposed IE Bill...)
  • Complete name
  • E-mail address and telephone number
  • Company name and position title, if working

PIIE Mindanao-Visayas Admin

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Understanding the Legal process of passing a bill into law...
How does a bill become a law? How could we support it? Soon...